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Where to Play Poker in Calgary?

The best poker room in Calgary for tournaments and cash games is Cowboy's Casino, with 30 tables offering No-Limit and Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha. Smaller local casinos often are more profitable with weaker competion, I encourage you to move around and try different times of day to find the best time for you. Calgary is a poker mecca compared with other Canadian cities, most poker rooms are open 24/7 so there is always a game to be had.

2024 WSOP Calgary Schedule

The 2024 World Series of Poker Calgary tournament is at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino from February 10-22 2024.

WSOP Calgary 2024: Deerfoot Casino Poker Room

Deer Foot Inn Casino

Deerfoot Inn Poker Room

1000 11500 - 35 Street

Calgary Alberta


Calgary Casino Poker Rooms

Grey Eagle Casino Poker Room - Two to Three Daily Poker Tournaments with buy ins ranging from $50 to $100.  Special events have larger buy ins. Offers Texas Hold em with 24h live poker cash games on 15 tables.

Grey Eagle Casino

Grey Eagle Poker Room

37 South and Glenmore Trail

Calgary, Alberta


Cowboys Casino Poker Room: 24 hour poker room featuring No-Limit Hold em: $1-$2 / $2-$5 / $5-$10 No Limit Hold em: $4-$8 / $10-$20 / $20-$40 and Pot Limit Omaha: $1-$2, $2-$5, $10-$25. Free drink rounds at 1:00pm and 8:00pm.They also offer a progressive bad beat jackpot and free heated underground parking.

Cowboys Casino Poker

Cowboys Casino Poker Room

421-120 Ave SE

Calgary, Alberta


Deerfoot Casino Poker Room: Open 24 hours - an 8 table private poker room. Canadian Poker Tour Sundays with a $170 buy in.

Deer Foot Inn Casino

Deerfoot Inn Poker Room

1000 11500 - 35 Street

Calgary Alberta


Cash Casino Poker Room: The Nevada Poker Room at Cash Casino offers a poker league, Daily Tournaments and Special Event Tournaments.

Cash Casino

Cash Casino Calgary - Nevada Poker Room

4040 Blackfoot Trail

Calgary. Alberta


Pure Casino Calgary Poker Room: Open 24/7 except Christmas Day. Offers Limit and No-Limit games and Sit n Go Poker Tournaments.

Pure Casino Calgary

Pure Casino Calgary Poker Room

1420 Meridian Rd. NE

Calgary Alberta


Century Casino Poker Room: Has casino poker games including Ultimate Texas Holdem.

Century Casino Calgary

Century Casino Calgary Poker Room

1010 42 Ave SE

Calgary, Alberta


Elbow River Casino Poker Room: Open 24/7 except Christmas Day. Offers Pot Limit, Limit and No-Limit Texas Hold em games as well as 7 card stud, Omaha and Dealers Choice.

Elbow River Casino

Elbow River Poker Room

218 18th Ave SE

Calgary, Alberta


Best Online Poker Sites - Calgary Alberta

There are a lot of great poker in Calgary and even more in northern Alberta, especially Edmonton's poker rooms. The best action though is online with more games and tournaments than you could ever find in town. Find the best online poker site for you to play in Calgary in the table below - they are all highly recommended but have different features.

Well we have all heard that there is nothing like the real thing baby, but what would be some of the advantages of playing poker online vs. Calgary Poker Rooms? There are a few advantages, the main ones are: The cost - the rake is much lower at online poker rooms sometimes it is only half as much; you can play multiple tables at once and the number of hands per hour is increased by a factor of 4 to 12; You don't have to travel anywhere - you can play anytime you want; You can change games in an instant; Play at smaller or larger stakes than are available at your local casino; tournaments run far faster and you can play in multiple tournaments at the same time for larger cash prizes.  Well that's just a few of them not to mention that you can play at home in your underwear!  Below are listed the top poker sites for Calgarians to play poker online.

Top Online Poker Site Calgary