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Where Can I Play Poker in Toronto?

Finding a poker room in or around Toronto Ontario can be difficult task, there are lots of underground poker clubs and meetups but you have to know where to look. Below I've listed some of the best places in town to find a live game and the best online poker sites to play in Toronto if you can't. Daniel Negraneu learned how to play poker in and around Toronto and now plays poker online at PokerStars, there is always action going on if you know where to look.

Toronto Poker Rooms

Ontario Casino Poker Rooms - Toronto Area

Great Canadian Casino Resort - Toronto Ontario Casino in Ebiticoke. With Poker tables in their Poker Room – open 24 hours a day – on the second floor. Offering Limit and No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker with a bad beat jackpot.

Great Canadian

Great Canadian Poker Room

1133 Queens Plate Road

Ebiticoke Ontario

Casino Rama - Rama Ontario Casino on the North Side of Lake Simcoe. With 9 Poker tables in their Poker Room – open 24 hours a day – there’s always a game going on. Offering Limit and No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker with a bad beat jackpot.

Casino Rama Resort

Casino Rama Poker Room

5899 Rama Road

Rama Ontario


CNE Toronto Poker Room - Casino poker room that is air conditioned with 24 tables May 21 - June 7th 2024. Features Texas Holdem and Omaha poker games.

CNE Casino

CNE Poker Room

210 Princes Boulevard

Toronto Ontario


Pickering Casino Resort - Pickering Ontario Casino. With Poker tables in their Poker Room – open 24 hours a day – on the second floor. Offering Limit and No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker with a bad beat jackpot.

Pickering Casino Resort

Pickering Casino Resort

888 Durham Live Avenue

Pickering Ontario

Casino Niagara - Daily poker cash games and poker tournaments. Tournaments are Mondays ($225 Deep Stack Turbo), Tuesdays ($165 No Limit Holdem) and Sundays ($385 No Limit Holdem) Buy-ins and rebuys are allowed until at least blind level 5. Offers Texas hold em limit and no limit as well as Omaha on 12 poker tables with a bad beat jackpot. The Niagara poker room is a World Poker Tour location for the Fallsview Classic Tournament.

Casino Niagara

Casino Niagara Poker Room

5705 Falls Avenue

Niagara Falls Ontario


Woodbine Casino - Part of the One Toronto Gaming Group - 24/7 casino poker games: 3 card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and Mississippi Stud Poker.

Woodbine Casino

Woodbine Casino Poker Room

555 Rexdale Boulevard

Toronto, Ontario


Elements Casino (Mohawk) - Live cash games and poker tournaments featuring Limit and No-Limit Texas Holdem - open 24/7. Casino poker games include: Mississippi Stud Poker, High Card Flush, Three Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Holdem.

Elements Casino

Elements Casino Poker Room

9430 Guelph Line

Milton, Ontario


Gateway Casino (Innisfil) - No Limit and Limit Poker cash games and tournaments - call for details. Casino poker games include: High Card Flush, Three Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Holdem.

Innisfil Casino

Gateway Casino Poker Room

7485 5th Side Rd

Innisfil, Ontario


Pickering Casino - Not offering poker tournaments and cash games for Limit and No Limit Texas Holdem.

Pickering Casino

Pickering Casino Poker Room

888 Durham Live Avenue

Pickering, Ontario

Great Blue Heron Casino - The best selection of casino poker games: Texas Holdem Bonus, Mississippi Stud Poker, Let it Ride Poker, Four Card Poker and Three Card Poker. Does not offer a Texas Holdem Poker Room.

Great Blue Heron Casino

Great Blue Heron Casino Poker Room

21777 Island Road

Port Perry, Ontario


Toronto Poker Tournaments, Clubs, Meetups & Leagues

The Mallard Club - Weekly Cash Game and Tournament schedules - The TPTS Player app for tournament registration, cash wait list, tournament clock and club announcements. Toronto poker app available for Android and iPhone.

The best poker room in Toronto is the Toronto Poker Tournament Series with $1/$3 cash games weekdays at 7:00pm and Weekends at 3:00pm. Tournaments are Thursdays and Sundays with $80 buy-ins. They have a newly renovated poker room a poker app that you can register for games.

The Mallard Club

Toronto Poker Tournament and Cash Game Club

1681 Bayview Avenue Second Floor

Toronto, Ontario

1-647-494-9290 (Text)

Toronto Aces Poker Club - Private - poker club in the GTA with bad beat jackpots. Low rake system with tips for dealer and organizer, bad beat jackpot and monthly member bonuses.

Toronto Aces Poker Club


Toronto, Ontario

1-647-859-5511 or 1-647-479-1958 (Call or Text)

Sky Poker Club - RSVP - poker club in Toronto at the corner of Young & Sheppard. Played in a penthouse condo with hot poker hostesses and great food. Monthly $5000 freeroll tournament, poker games are usually $1 / $3 Texas Holdem and occasional $2 / $5 No Limit Holdem and Omaha.

Sky Poker Club

9 Bogart Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

1-437-345-7449 (Call or Text Eric)

The Poker Place - Wing's Poker Meet-ups - Over 3700 members, some of the best poker tournaments in Toronto. Holds No Limit Holdem Monday night tournaments with buy-ins of $60/12k+$10/6k with re-buys. Daily tournaments some with bounties and unlimited rebuys. Bad beat jackpot often hits $50k.

The Poker Place


Scarborough, Ontario

Contact on Meet-ups page

York Region Poker League - Poker Meet-ups League - Over 1950 members, Friday night tournaments with 100% payout, RSVP by 6:55 pm. Top players in league are entered into and annual freeroll championship.

York Poker League


Newmarket, Ontario

Contact on Meet-ups page

Toronto Pub Poker - Free Poker Games Sunday to Thursday - League with Over $9000 in prizes and points standings. Texas Holdem live poker nights at local Pubs in Aurora, Newmarket & Stouffville. Game time is 1:00pm Sundays, 7:00pm all other nights.

Pub Poker


Aurora & Newmarket, Ontario

The Underground World of Illegal Poker Games in Toronto

Toronto, a bustling metropolis known for its diverse culture and vibrant nightlife, harbors a lesser-known shadow: the world of illegal poker games. This underground scene, while elusive to the average citizen, thrives amidst the city's high rises and quiet suburbs, offering a blend of thrill and risk that legal gambling venues can't match.

A Hidden Realm Beyond the Law

Illegal poker games in Toronto are typically run in secret locations, ranging from back rooms of seemingly innocuous businesses to private residences. These games are kept under the radar to avoid law enforcement, as operating or participating in them is against Canadian law. The allure of these games is not just in the thrill of evasion, but also in the potentially high stakes involved, often far exceeding what is legally permissible in regulated casinos.

The Draw of the Underground

Players are drawn to these illegal games for various reasons. For some, it's the high stakes and the absence of regulatory caps on bets. For others, it's the adrenaline rush of participating in something clandestine. The environment in these games is markedly different from that of legal poker rooms – more intense, often with higher levels of skill and strategy involved.

Risks and Ramifications

Participating in these games is not without risks. Beyond the legal implications, there's the danger of falling victim to scams or theft, as these games lack the security and surveillance found in legal establishments. Moreover, without regulatory oversight, there's a higher chance of encountering unethical practices or even violence.

Law Enforcement's Stance

Toronto law enforcement is well aware of these illegal activities and periodically conducts raids and crackdowns. However, the elusive nature of these games, often operating on a word-of-mouth basis and constantly changing locations, makes policing them a challenging task.

A Controversial Existence

The existence of these games raises questions about gambling regulation in Toronto and whether the allure of illegal poker stems from perceived deficiencies in legal gambling options. Advocates for the legal gambling industry argue that enhancing and promoting legal venues could help mitigate the prevalence of these illegal games.

The underground poker scene in Toronto is a complex world, balancing on the fine line between thrill-seeking and legal boundaries. It's a world that many Torontonians are unaware of, yet it persists, driven by the human penchant for risk and the allure of the forbidden. As long as there are those who seek the thrill beyond the legal limits, this shadowy realm will likely continue to exist, albeit in the hidden corners of the city.

Toronto Poker Underground

The Toronto underground poker scene is super exciting with cash games and tournaments nightly. With a lot going on but keep an eye open there is a dark side to it as well.

Toronto Poker Resources:

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Toronto Poker on Reddit - This is where you go to get in on the huge Underground poker scene in Toronto.

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Red Hot Poker Tour - Now closed, offered free entry tournaments in Toronto - Winners could win their seat for the WSOP main event.

Straight Poker Supplies - Online Poker Supplies with a Pickup in the Toronto Area at:

31 Progress Avenue UNIT 7
Toronto, Ontario (Scarborough)
M1P 4S6

Southern Ontario Poker Rooms

While there is a serious limit to the number of good poker rooms in the GTA, there is lots of action for a couple of hours drive. Be sure to check out my pages on Ottawa Poker Rooms, Niagara Falls Poker Rooms, Windsor Poker Rooms.

Toronto Poker Rooms vs. Playing Online Poker

Well we have all heard that there is nothing like the real thing baby, but what would be some of the advantages of playing poker online instead of a Toronto poker room? There are a few advantages, the main ones are: There are no good poker rooms in Toronto, The rake - its less online, for instance at PokerStars the rake is nothing for micro limit games and at most online casinos its half of the rake of lower limit games at casinos.

You can play multiple tables at once and the number of hands per hour is increased by a factor of 4 to 12; You don't have to travel anywhere - you can play anytime you want; You can change games in an instant; Play at smaller or larger stakes than are available at your local casino; tournaments run far faster and you can play in multiple tournaments at the same time for larger cash prizes.  Well that's just a few of them not to mention that you can play at home in your underwear!  As the current laws exist in the GTA there are no good Toronto poker rooms. Below are listed the top online poker sites for Toronto players to play poker online.

Best Online Poker Sites for Toronto

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Bodog Poker - Toronto Players - Canadian Review Poker Download Compatable with PC, Mac, iOS & Android

Bodog Poker

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Bodog Poker Review

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ACR Poker Review

Toronto Poker FAQ's

Yes Toronto does have poker rooms, but most are underground, private clubs or poker meetups. The CNE has a poker room in the city of Toronto open for two weeks at the end of February with 24-28 poker tables. The nearest casino poker room is Casino Rama north of Toronto with 9 poker tables.

Yes there are 5 casinos in Toronto: Woodbine Casino, Delta Bingo and Gaming in Downsview, Delta Bingo and Gaming in St. Clair and Dolphin Gaming (Bingo). The 5th casino is the CNE which has a casino and poker room open for 2-3 weeks at the end of summer.